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The smallest in the world, and with 3 waters, Incredible!


Discover the water processor, with no additional taps and 3 different waters
A madness of innovation. 

ONE can be connected to any tap on the market, either 2-way or 3-way, using the Accuor Squid selector, or directly to any of our brand taps.

ONE can also be connected to a water or ice dispenser with one of the available waters, even to a STEAM OVEN. In all cases, Accuor’s MOBO-S can be used to obtain compact connections and a highly aesthetic and functional end result.

Technical data

  • Supplies 3 varieties of drinking water (Okinawa – Essential – AoxDiet, for exemple)
  • Continuous and unlimited supply
  • No water rejection
  • No electricity consumption
  • Safe anti-drip and anti-leakage connections
  • Allows complete disconnection while operational

— Dimensions

  • HEIGHT 64mm
  • WIDTH 274mm
  • ​LENGTH 310mm

— Connectable to

  • Bulthaup, Arclinea, Modulnova taps
  • Any 2-way tap on the market via the Accuor Squid selector
  • Any 3-way tap on the market via the Accuor Squid selector
  • With our own brand taps
  • Fridge with one of the available waters via the Accuor Mobo-s unit
  • Accuor does not require secondary taps

Do you want to see accuor integrated into your kitchen?

Send us two photos of the inside of the sink cabinet and we'll show you how it looks

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