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The great ally, instant hot water


The VOLVY unit will instantly provide you with Okinawa by accuor, nutritional water, at different temperatures and also ozonated water. Could you imagine something like this?

The VOLVY unit can provide hot water at three different temperatures with no latency.

The ideal solution for baby formulas, instant soup and with 95ºC for brewing black tea.

Additionally, VOLVY produces technical ozonated water,  specially for cleaning and disinfecting food utensils, and kitchen surfaces.

As part of the Accuor family, it can be integrated with the Blue, Blue+, Yoko and Piper models to complement its possibilities.

Technical data

  • Provides Okinawa by accuor water at 3 temperatures, 35º – 55º – 95º
  • Provides 1 ozonated technical water for washing food and surfaces, not suitable for human consumption, through an exclusive hose for use
  • No water rejection
  • Digital display with information, kind of water and indicative of its status.
  • Safe anti-drip and anti-leak connections.
  • Allows complete disconnection while operating

— Dimensions

  • HEIGHT 64mm (10mm more with feet)
  • WIDTH 274mm
  • LENGTH 403mm

— Important

  • Can be integrated with Blue, Blue+, Yoko, and Piper models
  • This unit must operate with a connection to the Squid Accuor selector
  • Produces instant hot water
  • This appliance can only be switched off if it is in standby mode.
  • Requires an electrical power of 6.6 KW or more.
  • This equipment generates Ozone for complete food sanitisation, but this water must not be ingested as drinking or cooking water

Do you want to see accuor integrated into your kitchen?

Send us two photos of the inside of the sink cabinet and we'll show you how it looks

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