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A special touch, cold and with the sparkle of carbonated water


The PIPER unit adds a touch of distinction to our à la carte waters by adding an optimal temperature of 5o and the addition of CO2 to obtain sparkling water.

To do this, it is integrated with the rest of the components of the Accuor family: another example of our way of combining efficiency, sustainability and durability.  

Technical data

  • PIPER supplies natural or sparkling water at two temperatures, ambient and 5o, without water rejection.
  • Digital display with information.
  • Measurements: HEIGHT 239mm (10mm more with feet) WIDTH 274mm LENGTH 403mm

— Dimensions

  • HEIGHT 239mm (10mm more with feet)
  • WIDTH 274mm
  • LENGTH 403mm

— Important

  • This device can be integrated into the Blue, Blue+, Yoko, Kore, One models
  • This unit must operate with a connection to the Squid Accuor selector
  • This unit produces instant cold water
  • This unit produces instant sparkling water
  • This unit can only be switched off while in stand-by mode


Do you want to see accuor integrated into your kitchen?

Send us two photos of the inside of the sink cabinet and we'll show you how it looks

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